Our bde OBSERVER is a set of tools, that is intended to be used for web page performance testing. To test services, you are responsible for.

Typical usescases and goals are

  • Go-live of a new search engine: can the new one handle the same amount of request with the same performance as before?
  • Rollout of a new release of your Content Management System: does it perform at least as good as the old one?
  • Expectation of a temporary massive increased website traffic due to conference or marketing activities: you want to make sure, that your website is able to handle this.

Your Benefits:

OBSERVER test and visualizes the performance and stability of your service. It minimize risks by demonstrating or documenting the robustness of services. And prove the careful handling of your responsibility.

The idea behind:

OBSERVER spans a broad network of request-bots around the globe. Master Services controls the bots to analyze and test your service. Our technically high sophisticated service is very simple to use and apply.

Sustainable results:

In combination with your internal measurements, the results can help strengthen your system and identify bottlenecks or architectural weaknesses.

Do it the easy way:

Our professional service supports and guides you through the entire process. We plan the tasks and support you in coordination of all stakeholders involved.

Please contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!