Cloud Experts

Cloud is not a solution, it’s a strategy!

Every company is different and requires a different approach to cloud adoption and digital transformation. At bde, we are convinced that understanding who you are as an organization and where you want to go is an essential key to finding the right approach.

Together with you as a business expert, we as cloud experts review the current status and goals in order to identify opportunities for improvement. We focus openly and agile on the problem as we understand the need to move forward quickly in today's scenario. In this way, bde defines and integrates an individual cloud strategy based on the business requirements.

And for all other small and large cloud tasks: Our powerful network of cloud specialists guarantees impressive quality. As always.

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Develop the best cloud strategy together with the customer to meet his needs.


Develop scripts to provision AWS resources to create or migrate desired environments or stages


Transfer existing or provide suitable continuous deployment or delivery strategy


Provide trainings and documentation for further operation by the customer